Pokemon Procyon and Deneb (Hack) [Japanese] GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Procyon and Deneb is a Monster Capture RPG game published by Unknown released on August 11, 2012 for the GameBoy Advance.

Languages: JAPANESE

This is the 3rd game, sequel to Vega.

Description for Altair/Sirius, Vega, and
This is a set of very well done hacks with a great OST and VERY HARD difficulty.
It is highly regarded as some of the best and most difficult foreign language hacks available

The game is setup in a way in which you are always underleveled compared to the Gym Leaders. (If you think grinding can help, GL with that. The wild Pokemon are probably 5-10 levels under you at that point)

In addition to this, the Gym Leader A.I.s have been upgraded a whole lot compared to normal trainers to the point where it is not uncommon to lose your first match and require switching out members of your party due to Gym Leader having an attack you unexpectedly did not see coming

Game Title: Pokemon Procyon and Deneb
Original Title: ポケモン - プロキオン/デネブ
Platform: GBA (Gameboy Advance)
Release Date: August 11, 2012
Genre: Monster Capture RPG
Publisher: Unknown
Region: Region Free
Languages: Japanese
Features of these games include

Custom sprites/mapping
New regions (starting with Vega)
Custom OST (starting with Vega)
New attacks
Somewhat questionable new evolution paths for existing official mons.
Description for Procyon/Denab only
Our protag is in another region again. He sure travels alot.
It’s in a southern tropical region this time around
Well like the previous pattern, more fakemons and moves.
Another custom OST again.
We also have new starters. The fire starter is still absolute dogshit in this new batch though.
Fakemons consist of about 5/6 or 6/6 of the entire roster.

The town designs have a more rustic flavor to it

Game is in beta and ends at around 4th or 5th Gym.
This is the latest Jap patch as of August, 11, 2012

Pokemon Procyon and Deneb GBA ROM Download

Download Size: 16 MB

MEGA – Pokemon Procyon

GDrive – Pokemon Procyon

MEGA – Pokemon Deneb

GDrive – Pokemon Deneb

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